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Railway Alcohol and Drug Testing in Ashford Kent

As the widespread use of drugs and alcohol increases, so too does the risk of substance abuse in the workplace. This clearly has huge ramifications for business, employees and subsequently, society at large. Substance abuse in the workplace, not only affects the individual but can have serious practical and legal implications for the employer, co-workers and the wider public at large. It is therefore vital to business that employees are free from the effects of alcohol or drugs whilst performing their duties. 


Richfield DNA provide a comprehensive railway alcohol and drug testing service which can be undertaken at your workplace or at our head office in Ashford, Kent. We offer Pre-Appointment and Random Testing. These services are regulated and endorsed by the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS). The testing is carried out by our trained and certified staff in a relaxed, friendly environment.


We have combined with Matrix Diagnostics, a company at the forefront of substance misuse detection technology. Matrix boast innovative on-site screening kits and laboratory-based testing services.


The Matrix laboratory utilises the latest, most up-to-date technology and sophisticated analysis techniques to test for the presence of banned prescription/illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Testing Services
Railway alcohol and drug testing Kent

Richfield D&A Testing Services

Our testing services are available to railway professionals that need a test before joining a new company or those entering the profession for the first time. In either instance, a negative alcohol and drug test is a legal requirement for you to start work.


Richfield DNA also provides random unannounced testing for companies that need to meet industry-specific testing thresholds. Simply inform the chosen employees that they've been selected for random testing and supply us with a list of names; upon arrival, our team will check and verify your staff's ID and select the delegates that are to be tested  .

Book an allotted test slot at Richfield DNA

Upon arrival, your id is checked

Test carried out in a controlled environment to the Network rail standard

Back to Lab Urine test results available inside 48 hours

Alcohol breathe test is completed, and results recorded instantly

POCT results recorded instantly and uploaded to Sentinel

Urine test is performed A and B samples are sent to the lab 

Urine sample A is tested, Samble B is held at the lab

Back To Lab Testing

Laboratory testing is a reliable and effective method for the analysis of urine drug tests. Our Collection Officer collects two samples and forwards to the lab to be analysed. The results are then uploaded onto Sentinel within 48-72 hours, sometimes even sooner.  In the event of any anomalies, the sample is sent for further testing by an approved doctor this is charged in addition to the cost of the original test. One of the advantages of this form of testing is that the donor can continue to work after the sample is taken, whether it's for pre-sponsorship or unannounced testing. This ensures minimal disruption to their rostered works.

POCT Testing

POCT (Point-of-Care-Testing) drug testing is a quick and efficient way to screen for drug use. The instant results provided by POCT testing allow for same-day reporting to Sentinel, which means we can provide our customers with fast test results and certificates. This is particularly useful for employers who need to quickly determine whether their employees are fit to work.


Overall, POCT testing is a fast and efficient way to conduct drug testing, however, it's important to be aware of the limitations of POCT testing and to use it appropriately to ensure accurate results.


POCT tests are not suitable for donors who are taking any prescription medication, as these medications may affect the results.


It  is important to note that if a donor sample reads non-negative, the donor must be stood down until the sample has been tested by our laboratory. This may cause an extended stand down time for the donor and additional costs associated with the test.

Appeals & Disputes

Should you receive a positive result and wish to dispute/appeal this decision your B sample will be used to retest. In the case, you receive a positive result, and you believe your test amounts to a false positive you may appeal. At which point, an independent doctor will investigate and look for any potential reasons that may have caused this.

Urine Drug Testing
Railway Urine Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Urine testing is the most commonly used method for determining recent therapeutic and illegal drug use. The urine screen will indicate the absence or presence of any relevant metabolites, for all of the drugs screened for. It is a popular method of collection as it is simple, non-intrusive and observation of the sample collection is not required. The procedure utilised by Richfield produces a legally defensible sample, which prevents the opportunity for tampering or contamination.

Breathe Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing is usually required and is conducted alongside the urine testing. Donors will be required to provide a breath specimen through Home Office approved breathalysers. Once provided, the intoximeter will produce the result via the attached thermal printer. All tests are conducted to Network Rail Breath Alcohol Standards.

Workplace Drug
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