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What happens in a PTS Rail Medical?

We offer many workplace medicals. The Network Rail PTS Medical is our most popular. We will be discussing what happens during a medical appointment. This includes what you should know and bring to the appointment.


What should candidates bring to the PTS Medical appointment? The following items must be included for all appointments:

  • Photo identification, e.g. Drivers Licence, Passport, PTS/Sentinel Card. (Copies are not accepted. The appointment will be cancelled if satisfactory photographic identification has not been provided.

  • Documentation proving National Insurance number. e.g. e.g.

  • Sentinel card - If already issued (if applicable to PTS assessments).


We also recommend the following:

  • The candidate must bring a list of all currently prescribed medications.

  • An audiometry test is required for medical purposes. Candidates should avoid loud noises before their appointment.

  • Candidates should bring their glasses if they are wearing them. If contact lenses are worn, please bring them with you to store them while the vision test takes place.

  • We recommend that candidates wear loose clothes to appointments. This is helpful for taking blood pressure readings as well as the mobility test.


PTS Rail Medical appointment

We will first ask the candidate for a medical questionnaire. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, we may perform any or all of the following:

  • A urine sample can be used to test for protein and glucose.

  • Completion of an Epworth sleep questionnaire.

  • To assess your lung capacity, perform a peak flow test.

  • Keep a record of your pulse and blood pressure.

  • Record your height, weight, and BMI.

  • Evaluate the mobility of the candidate.

  • Do a visual acuity and colour vision test.

  • Conduct an audiometry test.


We may give general advice about your health, such as BMI, smoking, alcohol consumption, and high/low blood pressure at the end of your appointment. You may be asked for additional information. You might get this information from your doctor or optician.


We may also conduct a drug or alcohol test during your medical. It is subject to the requirements of your sponsor. The Network Rail drug- and alcohol test includes a urine lab drug test, and a breath alcohol screen.

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Urine Drug Testing

What happens after your Medical?

We first review your medical findings. This is done using an Occupational Health Technician. After the review is completed, Sentinel will upload the results or request additional information. This usually happens within one to two days of your medical appointment. Any notifications will be sent to you by email or telephone.


When performing or reviewing medical assessments, it is important to be aware that Network Rail standards must be adhered to. Non-compliance could result in the death of rail passengers. We will inform you of any changes in the process if we have to refer your medical results for our Occupational Doctor.

Breathe Alcohol Testing

How do I book a PTS Rail Medical?

To book your Network Rail Medical, simply use the booking form below, should you have any further questions please either call or use the chat widget.

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